These two videos were my contribution to the GCIA Mobile Ministry session on May 4th 2011

There are four formats (the content is the same in each)

avi/xvid is a high quality avi file and will play on most computers providing you have an xvid plug-in

Quicktime was originally Apple but is found on many machines, I think it has the best audio.

MP4 format is a compressed format widely used on the Web and on portable devices.

Windows Media Player - a bit rough, but suitable for older machines.






GCIA 2011

Video Presentations On Mobile Ministry

by John Edmiston

The videos are about ten minutes long each and are full-screen size (640 x 480 pixels) except for those marked "smaller format" which are YouTube sized videos (320 x 240 pixels)

Mobile Training And Discipleship (46.5 MB, 9:44)

Mobile platform biblical and theological training and how it can best be accomplished.phone

.avi format (note: is xvid)

Quicktime format

MP4 Format

Windows Media Player format (large)

Windows Media (smaller format, YouTube size)


Mobile Technology : Issues With Implementation (51.4 MB, 11:36 )

The various technical parameters that influence the effectiveness of mobile ministry in different countries. Practical tips to get started. Who is and is not 3G, how to do audio, video etc.

.avi format note: is xvid

Quicktime format

MP4 format

Windows Media Player format (large)

Windows Media (smaller format, YouTube size)