Quick Guide To Missionary Safety

Links dedicated to missionary safety and security. If you know of a good link that is not here then contact us

Computer Security
Spam - a concise article on handling spam and basic computer security measures

PGP - Pretty Good Privacy, encryption software, rated as among the better options.

RSA - andother good encryption option.

PowerCrypt - free and good encryption software

AVG Anti-Virus - free, excellent anti-virus software, automatic updates.

Personal Security

All The World's Embassies



Health Issues

Missionary Health Care A Christian Organization dedicated to assisting missionaries, short-term missionary & church groups, who travel or live overseas, find affordable health, life and travel insurance.

For Australian Missionaries - missionary doctors and stress specialists Ruth Myors and Kath Donovan.

Missionary Stress - article in missiology magazine

RX List - information on drugs and medications.

Web MD - general health advice and info.

World Health Organization - country by country information.


How To Survive A Kidnapping

Worst-Case Scenarios - everything from surviving a crocodile attack to how to land a plane.