Thanks to Courtney Roes of GEM-eDOT and to Vaughan Hagberg who steered me in the right direction.

Courtney (who came up with the diagram) uses this to do translation in his multi-language church in Germany (German, French, Italian)

It will work with any set of languages.

There can be an encoding delay of between 15-45 seconds but apparently its still workable.

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Wireless Broadcasting To Mobile Phones (Simultaneous Translation)

This arrangement was designed for a conference requiring simultaneous translation into 3 different languages, with the listeners being able to hear the translation on their mobile phones by logging onto a local wireless network.

Of course it may be easily adapted for any number of languages.

End Users

The end user uses their mobile phone to login to a local "captive" wireless network (similar to those in airports). They turn on wireless on their phones, scan for networks, then use the designated network which might be named something like "conference-translation" .

After logging into this network, a web page would pop up with links to each of the different translation streams e.g. French, Spanish, English, German, or whatever the conference or church is using. After clicking on the link they will get the MP3 stream on their phone.


Use Icecast streaming server (see on a good computer connected to a good router (sufficient for three or more languages) then you need three computers with good microphones to encode each language.

You can use winAmp or other software such as Butt and Edcast.  The nice thing about these 2 programs is that they give you on-screen metering of the audio levels.

These relay a streaming mp3 onto the Icecast server computer and then people use their smartphone's browser (or any device with browser) to go to the streaming mp3 of their choice. It should handle that load easily.

When you set this up, I would recommend you use good quality mics rather than just the built in mics of a notebook computer.  


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