1. Can run as a commercial Internet cafe or as a private learning center.

  2. Cost: About $5000 for 15 workstations and this includes monitors, modems, printer, scanner, and back-up generator.

  3. Rugged and suitable for conditions in the developing world.

Internet Cafes For The Unreached

Cybermissions commenced its Internet cafe operations in 2002 using donated recycled computers. They were located in unreached people groups and staffed by a small team of national missionaries who:

a) used them for community outreach and
b) earned a livelihood from the income.


This year (2016) has seen us change from recycled computers to adopt the Raspberry Pi 3b as the basis of our new computer center model.  They are affordable single board computers about the size of a deck of cards. They run a version of Linux known as Raspbian and have an ARM (not Intel) processor. They are quite powerful.


You can do web browsing, email, word processing, office tasks and study quite well on this arrangement. It is not good for high-powered applications such as computer gaming. It is quite adequate for educational purposes.


The initial setup takes two days or so and is moderately difficult and will require a technical person familiar with Linux and with networking. After that things get much easier.


Ideally you will need:

  • a good location near a school or business district
  • a technical person, a marketer/business person, and an outreach person or course instructor.
  • about $5000 to buy all the equipment for a 15 seat icafe.

The necessary documentation you will need is at left. If you are stuck please feel free to ask questions.


Please note that we cannot provide money, visas or employment.



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