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The following files are suitable for preparing content for a small FM or AM radio station on a university campus, or as a community radio or on the missionary field.

mixing desk in a studioAudacity is a very powerful program that can take in input from your microphones or from a sound file, edit the files and save them in a large variety of formats. You can add sound effects such as 'reverb', clip out bad portions and perform a wide range of editing options. Very good for podcasting.

Official website and latest downloads can be found at:


RAMP - Radio Automation Management Program was the only software used to run the on-campus radio station at Taylor University for a whole year. It sets up your playlists and soundbites so all your tracks can be in order and you can 'go to sleep at night' and the pre-recorded material will still play (from your hard-drive). You can add your announcements and call signs "this is 4KRRW" etc.

Basically you prepare your material beforehand with Audacity then save it to your hard-drive. After this you use RAMP to put in a time-slot or program playlist for broadcasting. See notes on RAMP web page if you have any installation problems.