Pastorbox Project Status


We have just started shipping the first  Pastorbox units and are upgrading the software. We are also upgrading the PCB board.


We should be open to take orders around September 28th 2018


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At the moment we can only easily ship to addresses within the USA.


The projected cost of a Pastorbox is:  $140.00 + shipping + the sales tax due in your area.


This must be pre-paid. We assemble the units by hand at our headquarters, they are not "made in China", and we will give you an estimate on delivery time prior to purchase if you ask for it.


By ordering a Pastorbox you agree that the unit will be used for purposes consistent with the evangelical Christian faith and that it will not be used to illegally distribute copyrighted, political, offensive or pornographic material, or be used for any illegal purpose whatsoever. Of course, you may distribute material you own the copyright to.


Please note the very simple terms and conditions on the Order Form.


The Pastorbox Project


•  A Small, Affordable, Rugged and Powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot That Contains A Portable Distance Education Library That Can Train Hundreds of Pastors

• Copyright-Free Training That Can Be Widely Used And Go Viral



The Pastorbox Project involves the  manufacturing and distribution of a highly rugged wireless hotspot that can deliver training to pastors and Christian leaders in remote areas. No Internet or electricity is required, it generates its own signal. Once logged on (with smartphones, tablets computers or any device capable of receiving a wireless signal) the end user can download free church-planting, evangelism and bible-training resources.  See our Vision Statement for more detail



Getting courses and resources to pastors and Christian leaders in remote areas.



Pastorbox is a portable digital library that enables learners to download free bible resources and courses straight to their laptops, tablets and mobile phones via a wireless signal transmitted by the Pastorbox (similar to logging onto wireless at an airport or a coffee shop).


The free training resources on the Pastorbox will be text and audio and will include a  church-planting and evangelism course in 12 languages, ebooks, Christian bible courses and resources, and MP3 audio files all of which will be Creative Commons so that they can be widely distributed without any legal ramifications.


The Pastorbox is based on the Raspberry-Pi3b with some software and quite a few hardware modifications, rechargeable batteries, shutdown circuits, power management, as well as  ruggedization and adaptation for developing world conditions and will be about 5 inches long by 5 inches wide and about 2 inches deep. As easy to carry as a small Bible!


The resources are stored on an SD card and are shared with pastors via a strong wireless signal that can travel 200 feet (60 meters) and can easily serve 30 or more pastors simultaneously. Pastorbox does not require an Internet connection because it creates its own wireless hotspot. Because different people use it at different times one Pastorbox can easily serve 200 pastors during a morning session.


Pastors, evangelists and church-planters can then get together in small groups to go over the materials they have received or even to use the Harvestime curriculum to start bible colleges in their areas. Pastorbox is a portable digital library designed to spark bible-training movements in areas that do not have formal theological training.



We have a content developer and two electrical engineers working on the project, plus an inventory manager, and some PHP progarmmers and web programmers.

Life and Use Of A PastorBox:

The unit is designed to last for five years. If it is used just once every two weeks to share resources with 200 people that makes 5,200 people per year receiving training, which works out to for a total of 26,000 Christian leaders helped over the lifetime of the Pastorbox.


Since a unit only costs $140 this works out to less than 1 cent per person helped with bible and theological resources.



 John Edmiston    Ph: +1-310-844-6948


21615 Berendo Ave. (Ste. 400) Torrance CA 90502