Courses in prayer and spiritual warfare

Praying To Get Results

praying hands, cross

A  course on the theology and practice of Intercessory Prayer.  You will learn the biblcal basis of prayer and be a more confident prayer warrior!

Enrollment: Just fill in the very simple enrollment form

Time: About 90 minutes per topic, there are only 6 topics. Self-paced. Do one a week, one  a month or all at once! 

In each topic you will:
a) Listen to an audio MP3 lesson
b) Reading the accompanying notes. 
c) Comment in a discussion forum

The 6 topics are:

  1. The Basics of Prayer
  2. Praying The Names of God
  3. Praying The Promises and the Scriptures
  4. Praying As Jesus Prayed
  5. Spiritual Authority
  6. Spiritual Warfare

Cost: A donation of any amount.

See instructions at right for how to enroll. Make sure you say "enroll me in the prayer course" in the email!!