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This course is meant to equip you to do powerful, successful Digital Ministry in a vast range of Christian contexts, using the latest technology.

You will watch videos, peruse PowerPoints and infographics and read some online articles. There is no textbook to buy and you will not have to participate in embarrassing forum discussions. 

We want this course to be ABSOLUTELY STRESS FREE! We want you to be able to do this course from anywhere, at any time, at your own pace. 

It is meant to be 6 weeks long and it only costs $30. You will pay securely online by Paypal.

The course is self-paced. You can start at any time and finish at any time. It is meant to be 6 weeks long however you can take your time.

There will be a short quiz each week. If you pass then you will be emailed a certificate of completion from Cybermissions in Digital Ministry. This is a skills certificate only, not an ordination certificate and it does not make you an member of Cybermissions.

The course is designed to take about 4 hours per week.

You will need to have some basic computer knowledge, and the capacity to read English well. You do NOT have to have computer programming skills.

The course will cover:

  1. Overview, the Digital Ministry Infographic, Statistics , the Digital Pathway for the Gospel.
  2. Digital Content Creation
  3. Digital Content Distribution, Mobile Ministry etc.
  4. Social Media, Tribes, SEO, Funnels, & CRM
  5. Spiritual Formation In Digital Communities
  6. Online and Offline Synergies

Download the two-page Digital Ministry Course Guide.

This course is designed to teach basic principles of Faith-Filled Effectiveness based on godly ideas, and not on worldly "baptized management principles".

covers four major concepts, each of which has an accompanying ebook.

  1. Solution-Focused Faith
  2. 12 Principles For Taking Action
  3. Time-Management For Christian Disciples
  4. Volunteers: The Key To Scaling Your Ministry

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A five session course (2 videos per session + free workbook) which covers the biblical basis of emotions, how emotions are formed, and how we can manage them so that we develop person insight, grow in Christ, live in love and lead well in Christian ministry.

Becoming An Emotionally Intelligent Christian Leader is based on the book Biblical EQ by John Edmiston which was written in 2001.

This course was originally designed to help Christian missionaries facing extreme stress and pressure. It has proved helpful to Christian executives in many industries and also to military officers. Biblical EQ focuses on important role of emotions in our spiritual growth and and in our leadership development. There is a strong biblical and theological emphasis as well as the best of Christian-compatible psychological research. 

By the end of this course you should understand how and why your emotions are formed, how you can recognize, master and manage your emotions, and have practical techniques relation to emotional intelligence and your work for Christ. All within a biblical framework with Christ as the model and the Holy Spirit as the transforming power. 

TIme: There are five lessons. The course will take about 3 hours for each lesson, consisting of 2 hours of watching videos and writing in the workbook and about one hour of reading the Biblical EQ textbook - for a total of 15 hours work for the entire course.

Cost:  The course costs $99 for 3 months access, $119 for 12 months access and $149 for Lifetime Access to the videos, MP3 files, workbook and course materials.

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Praying To Get Results

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A  course on the theology and practice of Intercessory Prayer.  You will learn the biblcal basis of prayer and be a more confident prayer warrior!

Enrollment: Just fill in the very simple enrollment form

Time: About 90 minutes per topic, there are only 6 topics. Self-paced. Do one a week, one  a month or all at once! 

In each topic you will:
a) Listen to an audio MP3 lesson
b) Reading the accompanying notes. 
c) Comment in a discussion forum

The 6 topics are:

  1. The Basics of Prayer
  2. Praying The Names of God
  3. Praying The Promises and the Scriptures
  4. Praying As Jesus Prayed
  5. Spiritual Authority
  6. Spiritual Warfare

Cost: A donation of any amount.

See instructions at right for how to enroll. Make sure you say "enroll me in the prayer course" in the email!!

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