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Harvestime International Institute (a low cost A.A. degree in Biblical Ministry for pastors)


Global Christians  (articles, ebooks, resources free of charge)


Eternity Radio (Broadcast radio, MP3 files and Internet radio for oral learners and for the least reached)


New Testament Prayer  (teaching on prayer)


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Free Christian Ebooks (50+ books that you can download for free)


Biblical EQ (Christian emotional intelligence)


The Spiritual Continuum (Holy Spirit living)


Downloading Grace from Heaven (Grace)




Pastorbox Project (secure wireless hotspot)


Evangelistic Icafes (icafes for remote areas)


Olam Autoresponder (send out training by email)


Infosec Links for Christian Ministries (stay secure)

Mobile Ministry - The Basics   (use your phone for missions outreach)


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Video:  Cybermissions Report 2023 (our 2023 activities and plans for 2024)


West Africa Missions Trip brochure 


picture of John EdmistonAt Cybermissions we use web pages, email, mobile devices, social media and Internet cafes to share the Gospel in over 150 nations.


Our projects are in the areas of:  evangelism, discipleship, theological training, counseling, and leadership development.


We engage about 1.2 million people annually with our online training materials (we have four major websites).


We are a 501(c)3 religious non-profit incorporated in the state of Virginia and donations to Cybermissions are tax-deductible.


Our CEO is Rev. John Edmiston an  Australian missionary, author, speaker and seminary professor who lives in Rhoadesville, Virginia.


Statement of Faith                read the full statement

Quick Summary: Cybermissions is an interdenominational Christian non-profit that believes in the plenary, verbal inspiration and authority of Scripture and the classic Christian gospel as expressed in Apostles Creed, the Creed of Nicea the Formula of Chalcedon and in the Lausanne Covenant.




Address: P.O. Box 40  Rhoadesville, VA, 22542 (USA)
Phone: +1 -310-844-6948 (Google Voice)
Email: johned@cybermissions.org


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